Monday, 9 April 2018

Latest Adobe Lightroom Update

Many thanks to Ken Wigfield for the following info and explanation

Lightroom Update, Tuesday 3rd April 2018: 
Adobe continues to release updates every two months (it used to be three-monthly).  Today Lightroom Classic CC, along with Lightroom CC desktop and Lightroom Mobile, received significant feature enhancements, support for new cameras and new lens and the usual bug fixes.
Most significantly, Adobe has introduced powerful new ‘Profiles’ into all those applications. These Profiles provide a starting point for your images in terms of colour and tonality.
Few of us use or are even aware of camera Profiles.  They’ve been available for application to RAW photos for years.  They lodge way down in the Camera Calibration panel in the bottom right of Lightroom Classic’s Develop module. In addition to the Adobe Standard Profile (the default Profile used to open all images in Lightroom) there have been Profiles that mimic your camera’s picture modes.  In general, quite limited.
Adobe has now expanded (to 6) the set of Profiles specifically for RAW files as well as introducing over 40 creative Profiles for many image file types (JPEG, TIFF, etc.).  More usefully, Profile selection has moved up to the top of the Basic panel to encourage their use at the beginning of one’s workflow.  Incidentally, Dehaze has also, helpfully, moved up into the Basic panel.

Profiles?  What Profiles?
The two most obvious questions for many will be “what are Profiles?”  and “why have Profiles when we already have Presets?”.
Profiles are intended to be one of the simplest starts to your image workflow.  You open up your image, you open up the Profiles section and run your cursor over those shown to see if you like the effect that could be applied; if you like it, click on it and you’ve got it.  “Adobe Colour” replaces Adobe Standard as the default Profile.  Some are designed for specific purposes – such as Adobe Portrait (to optimise skin tones), Adobe Landscape (slightly ups the saturation), Adobe Monochrome (for a range of black-and-white), etc.
Presets (on the left side of the Lightroom screen) apply an effect that has been generated by Adobe, or by you, or by some third-party.  Now that sounds remarkably similar to Profiles and in terms of the effect on the image they can be virtually identical.
The BIG difference, however, is the impact they have on your workflow.  When you apply a Profile it does not change the sliders in any of the Development panels.  That’s not the case with Presets.  So, when you apply a Preset you change all the earlier set up work you’ve done.  Adding a Profile doesn’t do that.  It can be added to or taken out of your workflow at any time leaving all your other adjustments intact.
I’ve not tried Profiles yet but the idea sounds pretty good.  Applying one Profile to an image at the beginning of your work could well be all you need to achieve the results you want.

If you are a Lightroom Classic CC subscriber go to Help>Updates and in the Creative Cloud application, click on Update next to “Lightroom Classic CC” (NOT Lightroom CC).  If the update is not listed in the CC app, click on the three dots in the top right and choose Check for App Updates.

It’s a good idea to back up your Lightroom catalogue before updating. If the Backup prompt doesn’t show when you close Lightroom, then in the menu bar in the top left of Lightroom go to Edit (PC) or Lightroom (Mac) then Catalogue Settings.  On the General tab, change the Backup frequency dropdown to “When Lightroom Next Exits”. Then close Lightroom and click the Backup button to backup your catalogue. (The backup frequency will then revert to the selection you had previously.  Better still, choose “Every time Lightroom exits” to have the option each time you close)

Note that there is no update to, and there will not be any more updates to, the non-subscription Lightroom 6 application – the last update was Lightroom 6.14, released in December 2017.

Ken Wigfield
Wednesday, 4th April 2018

Friday, 6 April 2018

Gloucester Prison Visit

Let us out!

Friday 6th April and 10 BPC Members make their first visit to Gloucester Prison. The building was decommissioned in 2013 and currently is a unique and amazing visitor attraction just a stone's throw away from Gloucester Quays.

If you haven't visited the site yet you don't have much time left as plans to develop the whole site into housing have been approved.

The modern buildings will be demolished and the listed buildings will be converted to modern apartment homes. Yes folks, housing, as if they couldn't find anywhere else to build! 

The prison was built on top of a Norman Stronghold and the original building dates back to 1792. It has housed over 300 inmates at any time of all ages and women, as well as men, were housed there until 1921. There are over 100 unmarked graves underneath the prison.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Wildlife, Aerial and Landscape - all in an evening's work

Many thanks to: Tony, Tissy, John and Rose...

...for stepping into the breach and presenting an evening jam-packed with inspiration and enlightenment.

BPC Member Tony Wood kicked the evening off with a slide show of macro and close up photography. Birds, bugs and butterflies were the order of the day, many of the shots taken within yards of Tony's front door, and the colours and crispness of his images were an inspiration to his audience.

Following Tony: Tissy and John Davidson wowed fellow members with some amazing shots taken from the air. Their flights over Devon, Cornwall, the Lake District, Scotland and Wales have given them a birds eye view of the very best bits of the UK.

The evening closed with Rose Finch's presentation of landscape photography, with the odd 'Calendar Girl' shot thrown in for good measure. Rose's passion for the outdoors and capturing snowy landscapes, daffodil strewn meadows and water in all its shapes and colours was a joy to see.

Many thanks ladies and gentlemen for an excellent evening and for stepping in at very short notice.

We hope that Kevin is well on the road to recovery and that we shall enjoy his low light photography workshop in the autumn.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Photography News for Free!

Online magazine available now

Many BPC Members will be familiar with Photography News, the free magazine for photographers which is usually available at our Club meetings. But did you know that you can download this great publication for free?

Visit and stay ahead of the game!

Monday, 2 April 2018

Free Lighting App

From The Photographer Academy

Pick up your free lighting app today, courtesy of The Photography Academy - they are also offering a free 12 month basic membership, which gives you access to a wide range of online training videos.

The lighting app features 50 portraits alongside which is included camera and lighting settings so that you can try to capture the same effect at home!

TPA is a reputable organisation, often seen at the big photo shows, they don't send spam and they answer enquiry emails.

More information a at and your free lighting app is available at

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Free Street Photography Guide

Streetsnappers Guide Available

Brian Duckett of Streetsnappers is gradually extending the street photography workshops to make them increasingly accessible to photographers all over the country.

London - various locations
and with major cities lined up to come on board.

To help those who have yet to dip their toe into street photography he is offering a complimentary guide to taking the reportage style images of the street genre.

For your free guide, visit and sign up to the Streetsnappers email newsletter.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Thinking of your RPS Licentiateship?

BPC's RPS mini-group latest....

If you're thinking of taking your photography a little further BPC has it's own Royal Photographic Society (RPS) mini group, a small group of people who have reached a variety of stages in their image making but all want to work towards an RPS Distinction.

Visit for a short Youtube video of a real assessor session and for more information about the BPC mini-group please email