Thursday, 9 November 2017

Photo Mojo Prompt

If you're still struggling to find inspiration why not use the BPC photo prompt?

This week it's woodland...

Trees - naked, evergreen, dew laden, frosted, felled, ornamental, fruit, Christmas, silhouette, mono, colour, one or many, garden, orchard, copse or arboretum - the choice is yours.  

This is the first of our photo prompts and we've deliberately offered a very wide topic and accessible to all.  Interpret it as you will, be creative, it's amazing what you'll end up with!

Look out for further prompts in the BPC blog.

Finding your photo mojo

Top photographer, James Greenoff, made a return visit to BPC on Tuesday 7th November.  James, a freelance photographer, is a keen supporter of local camera clubs and brought with him years of dedicated experience to share with the members.

James said:

"It's not unusual to find that you have all the latest kit and don't know what you want to photograph.  You need inspiration.  Something that will give you the impetus and confidence to get you out of the chair and behind the lens.  Whether you decide on still life or landscape, night skies or portrait, there's something out there with your name written all over it."

James' career has taken him all over the world and he sometimes leaves the digital camera at home and turning to his medium format film camera.  With each eventual shot costing about £15, he says, you have to be very selective in when and at what you point the camera.  It's not unusual, he continued, to take a film camera out and come back with just a dozen shots, a far cry from the hundreds snapped with the latest technology.  There's room for both, he concluded, as long as you enjoy your photography then you're doing the right thing.

James Greenoff in action!

For inspiration see the blog below - exhibition at Number 8, Pershore.

Fab photos by Evesham Camera Club

Number 8, Pershore until 15th November

Get yourselves down to Number 8, Pershore's art centre, to check out some amazing work exhibited by members of Evesham Camera Club.

The Evesham Club has been running for many, many years and boasts some extremely experienced and creative photographers within its membership.

ECC also organises a National online exhibition of work - this year's entry numbers 5291 images and you can see them all at 

John Kellett, ECC's Secretary, may be contacted on 01386 556746 or

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Photoshop Workshop

Many thanks to BPC Member, Mark Waidson, for an excellent Adobe Photoshop workshop on Saturday 4th November, where he took fellow members through some of the basics for using  Photoshop to manipulate their own images.

The workshop was a two parter, the first a demonstration by Mark and then members got to have a go for themselves.

The morning was aimed at beginners to PS and there will be a similar workshop in the New Year covering Adobe's Lightroom software.

Pure concentration!

Geoff Moore lends Elaine and Helen a helping hand

Starting with a critique of one of his own images, a fairly flat and grey landscape, Mark explained how to straighten sloping horizons, crop, remove blemishes,  repair areas of the image, adjust histograms and applying vignettes, graduation filters and selective high pass sharpening.

Throughout, Mark explained the differences between adjustment and duplicate layers, naming and tracking layers and how to save work in the best format for its intended use.  He also referred to what was and was not permitted through manipulation for images that were to be submitted for competitions.

The fruits of Mark's expertise are obvious in the two images below, which show what he started with and the final image.
Before PS manipulation
After PS manipulation

Thursday, 26 October 2017

15 Go To Slimbridge

Many thanks to Slimbridge Wetlands Centre for a fantastic photography walkabout on Sunday 22nd October.

The weather was kind and the evening's golden hour lived up to its name, making for some amazing reflections across the Centre's lakes.

Birdlife was abundant, both resident and visiting and included everything from Flamingoes to Jackdaws and Mute Swans to Avocets.

15 Club photographers were led by Martin, one of the Centre's guides, who provide a wealth of information about the reserve, its birdlife, origins and founder, Sir Peter Scott.

Gulls on Rushy Lake by Sue Allen

Grey Lag Portrait by Sue Allen

Rosy Billed Pochard by Sue Allen

Red Crested Pochard by Rosemary Finch

Flight of Grey Lag Geese by Rosemary Finch

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Club Competition

December Meeting

BPC Members will rise to the challenge with the Club's second annual photography competition.

The competition is open to all BPC Members and is free to enter.

The deadline for submissions is Saturday 2nd December.

All works must be original, previously unpublished and taken by the submitting member.  Works should measure more more than A3, landscape, panoramic or portrait and should be backed or mounted (but not framed or glazed) to allow for easy display.

Judging will be made on the night and prizes will be awarded to the winner and two runners up.
More information from 

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Saturday, 4th November, 10am - 12pm
Birlingham Village Hall

Have you ever wondered how the pros take such amazing photos?  Well sometimes they don't, they get the basics right and then add a bit of digital wizardry via one of the many photo manipulation software packages.

One of the biggest names in the field is Adobe's Photoshop and it's baby brother, Photoshop Elements.  These packages, in the right hands, can turn a mediocre image into something stunning.

Naturally, you have to get the basics right in camera - a blurred photo will always be a blurred photo, but given that you have something decent to start with you can really work some magic on it if you know how.

BPC Club Member, Mark Waidson, will lead a one-off introduction to Photoshop interactive session, where members will get to work on their own images as Mark explains the basics and possibly a bit beyond.

Attendance is free of charge but booking is essential.  Please email to reserve your place.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Happy Birthday BPC!

Hard to believe, but it's one whole year since a dozen or so local photo enthusiasts turned up at Birmingham's Village Hall to try out the new kid on the block - Birmingham Photography Club.

Since then, we've enjoyed exhibitions, competitions, speakers, workshops, photo walks and have plans for loads more in the year to come.

Membership has gradually grown from just 16 at that first meeting to a very healthy 60 at the birthday bash on 5th September.

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in photography (under 18's to be accompanied).  It doesn't matter what kit you use or what you like to take photographs of, BPC has something for everyone.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month, 7pm - 8.30pm, Birmingham Village Hall, Birmingham, Pershore WR10 3AB. 

£3 per person and that includes refreshments, a speaker or workshop and lots of new friends along the way.

Happy Birthday BPC! 

Founder Members L-R:
Irene, Val, Graham, Jeanne, Steve, Kevin, Colin and Angela

Latest additions to Autumn line up!

London Camera Exchange and local pro photographer, James Greenoff, return and bring with them the techniques, guidance and experience to help you get more out of your kit and the images just that bit better!

Check out our Programme Page for further information.  It all happens, first Tuesday of the month, Birmingham Village Hall, WR10 3AB, 7pm - 8.30pm, £3pp and that includes refreshments!

See you on the 3rd October!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

BPC success at Worcesteshire Open Studios!

Congratulations to Jim Fergusson, Graham Harber and Angela Fitch, all of whom have sold works.
If you haven't yet visited, opening hours are 11am - 6pm Sunday 27th August and 11am - 4pm Monday 28th August.

Birlingham Village Hall, WR10 3AB - free entry and there's cake!!

Check out that ceiling!

BPC Members Graham and Ann view the BPC stand

The Private View

Monday, 14 August 2017

Know your copyright!

Copyright specialists to speak at BPC September meeting

In these days of instant access to almost anything creative, work can find its way to the other side of the planet within seconds.  If you’ve created something: a design, piece of writing, piece of music, logo, photo and so on, you automatically own the copyright.  But how do you go about protecting it?

In particular, this applies to photographers.  If you've captured an image which has the potential to enhance your portfolio, a possible exhibition piece or has what it takes to make you some money, or even rich and famous, you need to protect it.

Birlingham Photography Club (BPC) welcomes the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) to the September 5th meeting at Birlingham Village Hall.  The IPO is the UK’s go to organisation for information on such things as: copyright, patents, trademarks, designs and so on.   September’s  BPC meeting will bring the experts to town when they will explain the type of work that a copyright can be applied to, how to license copyrighted work for third party use and how to sell creative work safely. 

The meeting starts at 7.00pm, Birlingham Village Hall, near Pershore WR10 3AB.  £3 per person, includes light refreshments.  Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Bonusprint 30% discount

Thanks Jim...

Eagle-eyed BPC member, Jim, has spotted a 30% discount on Bonusprint products. for more information and if anyone can send a review of the quality, delivery, value for money on the deal please email

Happy snapping:-)

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Macro Photography Workshop

Macro workshop - big hit for small subjects!

Many thanks to BPC members Ann Kingscott-Marsh and Kevin Williams for leading an excellent workshop on the fine art of macro photography.

After a short presentation members used their own equipment to capture images of random objects including: circuit boards, model cars, red peppers and much more.

Necessity is the mother of invention was the order of the day, when torches and table lamps as well as studio lamps were used to light objects to their best effect.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Club exhibition - Evesham

Get yourself down to The Word of Mouth, Vine Street, Evesham to check out a collection of 20 images taken by Club Members.

The exhibition, the first public exhibition for BPC, is part of Evesham Festival of Words -, is entitled 'A Picture Paints 1000 Words' and the images do indeed provoke thought and your interpretation of any of them may well differ from another's!

BPC thanks Evesham Festival of Words for inviting the club to be part of things and also to Louise and her staff at Word of Mouth Café, as it could never have happened without their support.

And - images are selling fast!  At just £6 each, snap up something special for your own home or workplace.

Trading secrets?
By Angela Fitch

By Sue Allen

Gateway to freedom
By Andy Crooks

Bridging the gap
By Andy Crooks

Pose for the camera guys!
By Graham Harber

Hay there, or is it straw?
By Graham Harber

By Angela Fitch

BPC exhibition at Word of Mouth Café,
Vine Street, Evesham

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Members return from BPC wetlands photo shoot

An early start for BPC Members to catch the early morning activity of local wetland wildlife.

14 Members spent an enjoyable hour or so, when they were lucky enough to spot a Great Crested Grebe and a Lapwing, along with regular visitors: Canada Geese, Greylags and Mallards.

We had a good time, but the photos show that folks were ready for their breakfast at Revill's Farm Shop and Café!

Photo courtesy of Paul Marsh

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

BPC Autumn Programme Announced!

Take a look at our programme page - we've go so much going on over the coming months it will make you dizzy!

London Camera Exchange continue to give us their fantastic support and will return for their third visit during the autumn.  We also, by popular demand, have James Greenoff return for a second presentation. 

New to BPC - The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) will tell Members all about copyright, what it is, what it means and how to protect your work.  If you have your work on websites, libraries, catalogues, albums - anything that you don't have total control over - you need to be copyright conversant - it's your work and nobody has the right to use it without your express permission.  Find out more from the experts at the September meeting!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Autumn programme shaping up nicely!

We're still waiting to finalise the content for the July and August meetings, but take a look at what's happening in the autumn!  There is something for everyone.  Further details will be released as soon as possible.

If you have yet to make your first visit to Birlingham Photography Club we meet on the first Tuesday of the month, 7pm - 8.30pm, at Birlingham Village Hall, WR10 3AB and it's just £3 per person per meeting - no joining fee, no up-front payments, just turn up and enjoy our presentations, workshops, guest speakers and the freely available photo-chat from fellow members.

Hope to see you soon!

Amazing visit to the wetlands today!

BPC Members made a visit to the local wetlands this morning - the hide was a little on the snug side, but everyone managed to find something to capture an image of.


Canada Geese
Great Crested Grebe
Greylag Geese
Gull (not sure which one)
and a magpie!

Thanks to Steve Diston for sending through some images, which are on our gallery page, so take a look.

Another visit is planned for an evening in May. 
Next regular Club meeting - Tuesday 2nd May, 7pm.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Round 4 votes are in!

Congratulations to BPC members on their scores awarded by the Absolute Photo judges.

Jim Fergusson     15
Kevin Williams  14
Mark Waidson    17
Peter Allies         16
Sue Allen            16

Total                    76

Which means that we're not last!!  BPC is a very young club and we should be very pleased with matching and even beating the scores of some very large and well established clubs and societies.

First flush of photos now up!

Round 5 of Absolute Photo's Best Camera Club competition is landscape and, as usual, Birlingham Photography Club members have risen to the challenge!

Visit our competitions page to see the first flurry of landscape images.  Deadline for submission is midnight Sunday 30th April, voting then opens and will close at midnight on Wednesday 3rd May.

BPC members can vote for the three images they think sum up 'landscape' - email your choices as usual and the top five, each taken by a different photographer, will be uploaded to the Absolute website for the judges to decide!

BPC members should send their titled images as JPEGs and votes to

Fingers crossed for decent weather over the weekend!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Filters - What are they all about??

Birlingham Photography Club welcomes back, BPC supporters, London Camera Exchange on Tuesday 2nd May when they will give a presentation about getting the best out of photography using filters.

Whatever you need to know about filters LCE can help!
Opens 7pm, closes 8.30pm, £3pp, everyone welcome (under 18's to be accompanied by an adult).

If you need further information email

Wildlife photographers at Woodpecker Café

Wildlife photographers, Paul and Claire Lloyd, will make a presentation of their travels and their work at The Woodpecker Café, Walsgrove Farm - which is on the A44 between Spetchly and Egdon in Worcestershire.

£3pp to include light refreshments - everyone welcome.

Paul and Clair also have an exhibition of their work in Number 8, High Street, Pershore.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Round 4 photos

Check out our competition page for the latest submissions from BPC Members.  The subject is 'Action' - open to interpretation and, as usual, Birlingham Photography Club has risen to the challenge.  Not an easy one this month, but attracting some serious interest!

Submissions window closes midnight 1st April, voting then opens until midnight 3rd April.

Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Local Photography Opportunities
25                 Mark Hamblin, professional nature photographer – Droitwich High School WR9 0AA, 7pm £10pp, tickets available online at
22-23     Evesham Truck Show – Ashdown Farm WR11 7PA, 9am – 7pm/9am – 4pm £5pp/pday (U12s free)
28–01    St Richard’s Canal & Vintage Car Festival, Vines Park, Droitwich – Free Entry
10–11    Ashton Underhill open gardens – WR11 7SW – 20 gardens - £5pp (U16s free)
16-18     National Morris Weekend – outdoor event, free entry – Evesham
18           Bishampton open gardens – WR10 2LY  £5pp
25           Hampton Ferry Car & Bike Show WR11 4BP – free event, parking £2
30 – 09  Confetti Flower Field open – Wick, Pershore £2.50pp
27           22nd Annual Motor Show, Webbs of Wychbold WR9 0DG – free admission, 11am – 4pm

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Member led mini-workshops

Many thanks to BPC Members: Peter Sanger, Graham Harber and Kevin Williams for presenting three sterling workshops at the 7th February BPC meeting.

Details of Kevin's presentation on multiple exposure can be found by clicking below for the downloadable pdf.!Am_xRM6lbvfejU1w07MFiGvgWSvu

Monday, 6 February 2017

Absolute Photo - Round 2 images uploaded

Delighted to announce that the top five images from BPC photographers have been uploaded to - there are about 30 clubs entered into Round 2, which is themed wildlife, and the standard, yet again, is high.

View the five entries on the gallery page and all submissions can be seen on our competitions page.

Looking forward to finding out what Round 3 will be - suspect landscape, but prepared to be wrong!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Quiz Night

Birlingham Village Hall - WR10 3AB
Saturday, 11th March

Local quiz night in aid of children in a blind unit at Matandi primary school in southern Tanzania.

Email for further information

Monday, 30 January 2017

Round 2 competition images

Many thanks to the many Members who have taken part in round 2 of the Best Camera Club competition, hosted by Absolute Photo.

BPC has dozens of images to vote for - each BPC Member has three votes - all you need to do is go to the competitions page on this website, take a look at all of them, pick the three you like best and email Angela with your choices.

Voting closes on 3rd February so that the winning images can be uploaded to the Absolute Photo site in time to meet the 5th February deadline.

Please take a few minutes to vote - the hard work is done, we just need to select five excellent images from the many submitted, not an easy task, but well worth it.

Thanks for taking part.
Best wishes

Saturday, 28 January 2017

New photos added to comps page

Many thanks to BPC Members who have submitted their wildlife images for the Club vote. The closing date for submissions is close of play 30th January, if you have anything that you would like to be included please send as a jpeg attachment to Angela's email address.

Voting starts on 31st January, please cast your votes, by email, for the three images that you think say 'wildlife'.  Voting closes on 3rd February to allow for time to upload to the Absolute Photo site and meet their 5th February deadline.

Thanks to everyone for taking part, whether by submitting images or voting.
Best wishes

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Submissions open for BPC entries to
Absolute Photo Round 2 - WILDLIFE

The first rush of wildlife images have been submitted by BPC Members - visit our competitions page to see everything from butterflies to a white tiger!

The closing date for upload is end of 30th January, after which voting will commence.

BPC Members are invited to email their submissions as jpeg files, file size to be about 1MB, but there's not much time, so check your back catalogue or get out their with your camera.

Best wishes

Monday, 16 January 2017

BPC Launches Facebook Page

You can now visit Birlingham Photography Club's brand new Facebook page.  It's a work in progress and we hope that BPC Members will take the opportunity to air some of their work via posting.

Best wishes
Angela @ BPC

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Photo opportunities for BPC Members

If, like most keen amateur photographers, you're out there on these crisp morning, rigging up home studios or investing in a macro lens to capture those awesome close ups, now is the time to start thinking about what you're going to do with the best photos you make.

BPC Members' first exhibition will take place over the last week in June/first week in July at The Word of Mouth Café, Evesham (  The theme is 'A picture tells 1000 words' and the exhibition is part of Evesham Festival of Words ( 

Entry to the exhibition is exclusive to BPC Members and each entry costs £5.  The next meeting is on 7th February, 7pm - 8.30pm, at Birlingham Village Hall WR10 3AB (

Saturday, 7 January 2017

At last!
BPC images are up on the Absolute Photo
Best Camera Club Competition page

Phew - after much phaphing about (why don't they tell you that images should be low resolution??) the five short listed entries for BPC are up and they're as good as anything else up there, so let's wait and see what happens.

Visit to see the gallery of submissions from about 30 clubs across the UK.

BPC entries are:

Wild West by Kevin Williams
English Rose by Kevin Pugh
Model by Steve Diston
Man in Turban by Peter Allies
Rocker at Rest by Angela Fitch

View all of the images on our competitions page.

Thanks to all BPC Members for submitting and voting - as soon as we know the theme for round two you'll receive an email.

All the best
Angela @ BPC

Thursday, 5 January 2017

An amazing day of frost and sunshine

What a great day the weather gave us photographers today!  Whether you were up at dawn to catch the white landscape and crispy, crunchy macro images or maybe you left it until the sunshine worked its magic to leave so many interesting patterns on almost everything, BPC hopes you enjoyed yourself.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Photography Show - March 18 - 21
NEC, J6 M42 - B40 1NT

This amazing four day show is packed with workshops, demonstrations, training opportunities and more stands than anyone can cope with in a single day!

You will find everything from the very latest  camera must-have to art papers, specialist printers and just about every accessory on the planet!

Watch out for discount codes - currently is offering £3 off a standard day visitor ticket.

For more information about the venue and the Show visit

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Great start to the New Year for BPC!

Wow!  What a fantastic meeting at Birlingham Photography Club this evening. 

Worcestershire top photographer, James Greenoff, educated and informed around thirty local photographers all of whom were keen to understand the art of making 'good enough' photographs great photographs.

James' presentation came in three parts: composition, depth of field and shutter speed and the role each plays in creating images that stand out from the crowd.

James sees a good photo as one which communicates with its audience - something which evokes a memory, tells a story or makes the viewer take a step back and think.

BPC plans for a further visit by James later in the year - more details to be available shortly.  For further information about James Greenoff and his work visit his website at

Monday, 2 January 2017

Day two of the new year almost over!

Back to planet normal tomorrow for most of us - kids to school, off to work, clear the fridge out...

Whatever you find yourself doing tomorrow don't forget it's Birlingham Photography Club's first meeting of 2017 - 7pm at the Village Hall, WR10 3AB - £3pp.

Top Worcestershire photographer, James Greenoff,, will join us to help Members understand what's needed to make our photos great photos.

So, if your photos sometimes lack that special ingredient, that bit of magic that the pros seem to have in abundance, get yourself down to Birlingham, 7 miles off J7 of the M5, for a great evening with some local talent!

Hope to see you there.
Best wishes
Angela @ BPC

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Wishing photographers everywhere a
happy, snappy and focussed
New Year

How many resolutions have you made?

What about getting that workstream sorted or maybe improving your cataloguing to avoid wading through the entire collection in the hunt for something specific?

Birlingham Photography Club offers workshops, presentations and tutorials to help local photographers get the most out of their image making.

The next meeting is Tuesday 3rd January, when pro photographer, James Greenoff, will kick 2017 off to a good start with his presentation about what makes a good photo a great photo.

As a rule of thumb, if we want more exciting shots we should stand in front of more exciting subject matter, but it's more than that.  Getting the lighting right, a couple of degrees left or right could improve composition or using that most rare of resources, patience, and wait for the variables in your desired shot to line themselves up before hitting the shutter button.

Join us on Tuesday 3rd, for an informal and informative gathering.
Birlingham Village Hall, WR10 3AB, 7pm - 8.30pm, £3pp.