Round 5 - Absolute Photo's Best Camera Club Competition 2016/17


Finally, we reach the last round of this amazing competition and many thanks to all of the BPC Members who have taken the time, trouble and photos at the various stages.

Here is the last selection - which are landscape photos.  Club voting opens on Monday 30th April and closes midnight Wednesday 3rd April.  Send your 'best three' to

Good  luck everyone!

Lake Louise by Sue Allen

Herbert Lake by Sue Allen

St. Ninian's Isle by Sue Allen

Steinkjer by Sue Allen

Padham Gorge by Peter Allies

Tuscan Farmhouse by Peter Allies

Val d'Orcia Dawn by Peter Allies

Broadway Sunset by Bernadette Totton

Mount Blanc ski Run by Bernadette Totton

River Valley by Bernadette Totton

View from Mount Blanc by Bernadette Totton

Divornic by Geoff Moore

Princess Tower by Geoff Moore

Talacre by Geoff Moore

Contemplating the View  by David Watson

Peaceful Waters by David Watson

Reflections by Graham Harber

In the blue by Mark Waidson

Ploughing by Angela Fitch

Rapeseed Field by Angela Fitch

Olive Tree Lane by Angela Fitch

Boscombe by Angela Fitch

Lighthouse by Angela Fitch

Lakes and Roses by Angela Fitch

Leading lines by Barbara Pritchard

A walk in the park by Barbara Pritchard

Harbour vista by Barbara Pritchard

Taking in the view by Barbara Pritchard

Canyon by Hamish Whitehead

Panorama by Hamish Whitehead

Sedimentary by Hamish Whitehead

A bend in the river by Kevin Williams

Autumn in Croome by Kevin Williams

Pershore Abbey by Kevin Williams

Reflection in landscape by Mark Waidson

Autumn colours by Ray Phillips

Autumn Lights by Ray Phillips

Dead Vlei by Ray Phillips

Remarkable by Ray Phillips

Stalegmites Staletites by Ray Phillips

Subterranean Landscape by Ray Phillips

Swan's Neck Birlingham by Steve Diston

Swan's Neck Birlingham 2 by Steve Diston

The Walls in the Peak by Steve Diston

Round 4 of Absolute Photo's Best Camera Club Competition 2016/17


Following some success in Round 3, BPC Members are now invited to submit images which depict 'action' - fast cars, boats, planes and so on instantly spring to mind, but it could be something a little more subtle, maybe something to do with the elements: wind, water or fire or possibly sporting activities.  The choice is yours, please send your images to

Follow the Leader by Kevin Williams

Ghost Train by Kevin Williams

Boxing Day Hangover by Paul Marsh

If you go down to the woods today by Paul Marsh

Stand back please by Paul Marsh

Hercules on Fly By by Bernadette Totton

Lisbon by Bernadette Totton

Reds 1 by Bernadette Totton

Reds 2 by Bernadette Totton

Reds 3 by Bernadette Totton

Rome by Bernadette Totton

F22 Raptor Knife Edge Pass by Geoff Moore

Storm Force by Mark Waidson

Nafford Lock by Angela Fitch

Coming into land by Angela Fitch

Wind farming by Angela Fitch

Zooming!  by Jim Fergusson

Action men! by Steve Arbery

Bath time by Sue Allen

Haven Street by Sue Allen

Para Surfing by Sue Allen

River sheen waterfall by Sue Allen

Sea Eagle by Sue Allen

Whale tail by Sue Allen

Arrows Action by Pete Allen

Carrying Action by Pete Allen

Dance Action by Pete Allen

Lightning Action by Pete Allen

Take off action by Pete Allen

Chasing down the Wellington by Jim Fergusson

Head down by Jim Fergusson

On the National Straight by Jim Fergusson

Travelling home by Jim Fergusson

Approaching Maggots by Jim Fergusson

Riding the Waves by Peter Allies

The Musketeers by Peter Allies

The horse rider by Peter Allies

Round 3 of Absolute Photo's Best Camera Club Competition 2016/17


Many thanks to BPC Members for submitting images for Round 3 - the theme is 'The Street' and you can interpret that pretty much as you would like.

Street photography often implies or tells a story, a moment in life that is depicted in a single image.

The following images are available for BPC Member voting, please choose the three images you think capture a story or are of artistic merit and email by midnight on 2nd March.

The five images, each from different photographers, will be uploaded to the Absolute Photo website on 5th March.

Painted Silos by Sue Allen

Cards by Andy Crooks

Helping Hands by Andy Crooks

The Meeting by Peter Allies

Penang Street, by Bernadette Totton

Sharing Lunch, by Kevin Williams

Candle one by Andy Crooks

Candle two by Andy Crooks

A street with a history, by Barbara Pritchard

A busy street by Steve Arbery

Busy, busy, busy by Steve Arbery

Hong Kong by Steve Arbery

Balloons Hong King Style, by Steve Arbery

Quebec Fountain by Steve Arbery

Seagulls, what seagulls? by Steve Arbery

Sydney Harbour Bridge by Steve Arbery

Vegetable Market by Steve Arbery

Shopping by Steve Arbery

Daily Chores by Steve Arbery

Saffron and Grey by Steve Arbery

Street Corner Gaming by Steve Arbery

Laundry Day by Steve Arbery

Ferris Wheel by Lucie Kingscott-Marsh

Walking away by Lucie Kingscott-Marsh

The River by Lucie Kingscott-Marsh

All the world is a stage by Lucie Kingscott-Marsh

Asleep on the job, by Bernadette Totton

Celebrations, by Bernadette Totton

Lisbon Trams, by Bernadette Totton

Shoeshine, by  Bernadette Totton

Empty, by Kevin Williams

Homegrown, by Peter Allies

Red on Black by Angela Fitch

Green Scene by Angela Fitch

Domes by Angela Fitch

Construction Reflection by Angela Fitch

Street Vendor by Angela Fitch

Hot by Angela Fitch

Grenada Bar by Steve Diston

On yer bike Vietnam by Steve Diston

Tate Saigon by Steve Diston

Silhoutte Cyclist by Pete Allen

Reflection by Pete Allen

The Fish Eaters by Graham Harber

Wrapped up warm by Graham Harber

Harbour Picnic by Graham Harber

Round 2 of Absolute Photo's Best Camera Club competition - 2016/17


The following images have been submitted by BPC Members for peer group selection by vote.

BPC Members are invited to submit images to be included in the Club vote and to cast their three votes for the three images they think are the best.  When votes are counted the five attracting the most votes will be submitted to the Absolute Photo website.

Please email your images to no later than close of play 30th January.

Please email your votes to no later than close of play 2nd February.

The selected five images will be uploaded to the Absolute Photo website to meet the 5th February deadline.

For more information about the competition visit

Butterfly, by Ray Phillips

Dragon Fly, by Ann Kingscott-Marsh

Butterfly, by Ann Kingscott-Marsh

Zebra, by Ray Phillips

Owl, by Ray Phillips

Lioness, by Ray Phillips

Snail, by Ann Kingscott-Marsh

Swan Lake, by Ann Kinsgscott- Marsh

Woodpecker, by Ann Kingscott-Marsh

Bee, by Ann Kingscott-Marsh

Alert 2, by Andy Crooks

Alert, by Andy Crooks

Arctic Tern, by Pete Allen

Bird Call, by Hamish Whitehead

Sloth with Baby, by Pete Allen

Common blue Damselfly, by Pete Allen

Common Frog, by Pete Allen

Elephant, by Andy Crooks

Emperor Moth, by Pete Allen

Fly, by Peter Allen

Puffin in Flight, by Pete Allen

Garden Cross Spider, by Pete Allen

Green Bottle Flies, by Pete Allen

Hawk, by Hamish Whitehead

Honeybee, by Pete Allen

Hummingbird, by Hamish Whitehead

Keel Billed Toucan, by Pete Allen

Leopard, by Andy Crooks

Leopard 2, by Andy Crooks

Lion, by Andy Crooks

Nettle Weevil, by Pete Allen

Southern Hawker Dragonfly, by Pete Allen

Painted Lady Butterfly, by Pete Allen

Puffin Portrait, by Pete Allen

Robin, by Hamish Whitehead

Robin 2, by Hamish Whitehead

Scarlet Tiger Moths, by Pete Allen

Shag, by Pete Allen

Swan, by Pete Allen

Wild Fowl Movement, by Pete Allen

Basking Seals, by Bernadette Totton

Seals at Sea, by Bernadette Totton

Wading Birds, by Bernadette Totton

Red Kite in Flight, by Peter Allies

Four Spot Chaser, by Peter Allies

Bee, by Kevin Williams

Birds, by Hamish Whitehead

Butterfly, by Steve Diston

Damsel Fly, by Steve Diston

Deer, by Gary Boughton

Hawk, by Gary Boughton

Hedgehog, by Kevin Williams

Heron, by Steve Diston

Merlin, by Kevin Williams

Robin, by Steve Diston

Robin, by Gary Boughton

White Tiger, by Kevin Williams

Butterfly, by Angela Fitch

Kite, by Angela Fitch    


Kingfisher, by Angela Fitch

Mockingbird, by Angela Fitch

Congratulations to the five BPC photographers....

...who made the cut for the first round (portraiture) of Absolute Photo's Best Camera Club selection.  BPC thanks everyone who submitted photographs and voted for their favourite - we can do it all again for round two in a few weeks time, theme TBC.

  English Rose, by Kevin Pugh

  Man in Turban, by Peter Allies

   Model, by Steve Diston

  Rocker at Rest, by Angela Fitch

  Wild West, by Kevin Williams

The first BPC competition was held in December 2016.

Submissions from Club Members were made on an open theme and fellow members cast votes for the three images they liked best.  When the votes were counted Pershore based photographer, Peter Allies, was the outright winner with this splendid seascape.  Further competitions are planned for 2017.