Evesham Festival of Word
June/July 2018

As part of Evesham Festival of Words 2018 main event, BPC Members face the challenge of capturing an image which reflects the title of a book.  The choice is your:s fiction, biography, reference, children's and young adult literature- anything you like.  Your interpretation of the book title may be literal or inferred - no dead mocking birds please!!

The exhibition will run from mid-June to mid-July in Evesham's library, which attracts thousands of visitors from across the Vale every year.

Which book will you choose?  Will you choose the book or the image first?
Are you up for the challenge??

1.     Match your image to your chosen written work
2.     Submit digitally to birlinghamphoto@btinternet.com by 1st May 2018
3.     All submissions will be selected on their aesthetic quality and the match factor
4.     Photographers will be notified
5.     All work will be mounted at the individual photographer's expense (framing is not necessary)
6.     Images should be A3 and printed in high resolution

Revills Farm Shop, Defford, Worcestershire

BPC Members are invited to submit images for the proposed exhibition of work at Revill's Farm Shop.

Submitted work should have a local them and be an art print.  Works including a different take on a familiar scene or object are very welcome.  There is no limitation on the amount of post production applied to any submitted image. Submitted works will be selected on merit and the final works will be framed and priced or marked  'not for sale' (NFS).

Deadline for the first round of selections is 31st July 2018 - email birlinghamphoto@btinternet.com if you are interested.