Winter photo prompt - low light

Take advantage of the early sunsets, step into your garden, local park, town centre, anywhere really, to see things in a different light, a low light.  Christmas lights twinkle, crispy cold clear nights make the stars pop out of their dark surroundings and car light trails make for super stripey vistas.

Many thanks to BPC member and low light photography enthusiast, Kevin Williams, for capturing last night's magnificent moon!

BPC member, Sue Allen, has captured some great shots of vintage steam trains after sunset - taken at Severn Valley Railway if anyone wants to try this for themselves.  Thanks Sue!

Some very interesting shots for BPC member, Jenny Taylor.  Thanks for submitting Jenny!

Thanks to BPC member, Geoff Moore, for these glorious images taken in low light.

BPC's Irene Luck has captured some beautiful images after the sun has gone down.  Thanks Irene.

BPC's Angela Fitch tried her hand at low light photography on a recent holiday -  room for improvement she says, but a very enjoyably evening nonetheless.

Many thanks to BPC member, Mark Waidson, for setting the ball rolling with his excellent shot of this tree against a starlit backdrop - thanks Mark!

Christmas Photo Prompt

It's that time of year, a time when everything needs to twinkle and glisten.  Shop windows, houses and gardens, streets and public buildings.  All contributions of Christmas themed images are welcome, the good, the bad and the downright daft!!

A Boxing Day stroll to the wetlands, where they certainly lived up to their name!  The following from BPC's Angela Fitch.  Happy New Year everyone, when it comes!

BPC Member, Jim Fergusson, was also in Broadway - thanks Jim for some great Christmas images, they really know how to do things in Broadway don't they!

BPC Member, Kevin Williams, sums up one of the many and varied aspects of Christmas in his delightful photograph, taken in Broadway.  Thanks Kevin!

A big thank you to Jim Fergusson for the following images of cold Christmassy days.

BPC's Angela Fitch adds a couple of seasonal images to the Christmas prompt photo gallery.

Thanks, once again, to BPC member Steve Diston for braving the cold to capture these beautiful images taken at Sudeley Castle.

Keeping the Christmas bauble rolling is BPC member Peter Allies - many thanks Peter for some great takes on the festive season!

To start the ball rolling, many thanks to BPC member, Jenny Taylor, for sending in the first clutch of Christmas photo prompt images.  Can anyone name the locations?  Answers to

Snow Photo Prompt 

BPC member, Steve Reynolds, has used the magic of mono to capture popular scenes but with a whole new dramatic look - amazing!  Thanks Steve.

The latest BPC member to submit snow images is Clive Griffiths - can anyone spot where this was taken?  It's not Pershore!!  Thanks Clive - a lovely image indeed.

Many thanks to Jim Fergusson for some gorgeous photos of Pershore landmarks.

BPC member, Rose Finch, has been out with the camera and take a look at these - beautiful!

Many thanks for keeping the snow prompt project going to Peter Allies for the following local images, capturing Pershore in it's new white coat!  Love those lead in lines Peter!

Kevin Williams adds his local snow scenes to the snow prompt gallery - thanks Kevin!

BPC's Angela Fitch adds a clutch of her images to the snow prompt gallery (spot the poodle!!)

Many thanks to BPC Member, Steve Diston, for getting out into today's snow to capture some enchanting shots of Birlingham Village.

2018 BPC Photography Competition

The Judge's winner by Rosemarie Finch 

Winner - Members' Choice
The Thinking Man, by Peter Allies

Judge's Runner Up
Pershore Abbey, by Kevin Williams


By Kevin Williams

By Jennifer Taylor 

By Jennifer Taylor 

By Jennifer Taylor

By Kevin Williams 

Find your photo mojo project

Kevin Williams has also been braving the cold and has captured these fabulous shots for the photo mojo project.

Thanks to BPC Member, Ann Kingscott-Marsh, for stepping out of her lovely warm home to capture the twinkle at the bottom of her garden.

Animals in action photo mojo - thanks to BPC Member, Jim Fergusson, for the following shot of a sparrow hawk.

Thanks to BPC Member, Sue Allen, for the splendid reds of a Westonbirt autumn.